Screen Repairs

Screen Repairs

Yes it happens to all of us at one point or another in this technological land we live in.  You're walking, running, hands are full or the dog decides your phone is its next chew toy! Well at iSupply Stock, we can help you with that cracked or even smashed screen!


Prices that start at $30.00 and go up depending on the type of phone, ipad, or watch that needs to be repaired and the cost of the screen itself!

Having other issues?  Such as it is not charging, battery draining or over heating, camera is jumbled up or the home button won't work anymore? That's ok too! We can help you with these as well.

Coming in the New Year of 2019, we will be offering a limited amount of Samsung screen repairs as we are doing as planned and starting to expand ourselves in the repair business! Keep watching to see all the exciting new repairs and things that we offer.

Apple Warranty

One major reason people shy away from having their screen replaced, is that it has been said that it will void your warranty.  This can be a real pain for many, as you have to now have a loaner phone, put a deposit on that phone, and then wait 2 - 3 weeks until your phone has been repaired! 

Well i have news that may turn your hats on this.  As of February 17, 2017 Apple has changed its policy on third party screen repairs. According to a memo sent to Apple retail employees, a customer having their device’s screen repaired by a third-party source no longer voids their warranty like it once did! The changes reportedly apply to the United States and Canada, as well as various other countries around the world. Now you can safely have your phone screen replaced, still have your warranty valid for any other potential future accidents!

TV Box Repairs and Reprogramming

A lot of people have the android boxes and apple tv boxes, and when they go down most of us do not know what to do.  Or when there is an update needed, and it crashes and then we no longer have our favourite shows to watch we lose some faith in these machines that were meant to help save us money and make our lives easier.  Well we can help you there and even help you program your shows.  We also offer a FAQ to help guide you through the steps in setting up your box.  If you still are struggling just give us a shout and we will make sure we get situated.

Need a Quote on a Repair?

No worries! If you have questions or comments, or simply need a quote on how much it is to repair a screen, button camera and more, just send us an email on our contact page and we will be sure to get back to you with a quote and time frame for the repair!