iSupply Stocks mission is to supply defect-free, quality products to satisfy our customers’ needs for service.

Providing cost effective products that are usable and reliable.


iSupply will strive to be profitable, growth oriented and a company that treats its customers with care and respect.  We will achieve this through effective communication and continuous improvements.

We believe in treating our customers with the utmost courtesy and respect. We will strive to grow through creativity and innovation.  We will integrate honesty and integrity in to all aspects of our business.

iSupply stock currently provides quality apple replacement parts and accessories at a cost effective price to its customers.  Items we currently stock and cover are all apple products.  However we are not limited to just these items and have the capabilities to expand to other markets, such as Samsung, LG and more! In addition iSupply Stock also is a supplier with the Android T95Z TV boxes.  Prices and images of items can be seen on the products page of our website.

We are dedicated to providing a supply of product on demand to ensure the utmost speedy satisfaction. So look no further,


Your Search Stops Right Here!!


They say when an opportunity knocks, don't hesitate, just take it!

Well that's what I did.  I am a young high school student with a lot of dreams.  But I know that dreams come with a price and you have to start somewhere. When I took over iSupply Stock it was by sheer luck.  The previous entrepreneur that was given this opportunity just left the business and its investors hanging. The business wasn't doing well when I stepped in.  My mom spoke to the investor, and asked to let me have a chance to make something of it, what would they really have to lose.  Originally I had a friend try to operate this business with me, but like most kids, she just wasn't driven to work.  So as crazy as it sounds, my 7 year old sister, she stepped in and took on the opportunity! Since I have taken it over and was welcomed with an amazing opportunity, I have brought in more products, attended more trade shows, marketed my items and made significant contacts that have helped guide me, helped me expand and enabled me to flourish with such an amazing opportunity!


October 17, 2018 We were given the prestigious award of Young Entrepreneurs for the Red Deer Chambers!

Markets, Trade Shows & Events - Where we started to where we are now.

Here's a little look into the life of iSupply Stock and our adventures! We still like to have fun even when we are  out making the dollars.  It's not all about the money, but the service and the people that you are affecting with who you are presenting.  Who you are is a reflection of what your business is!